'My neighbour demanded I stop cooking at night'

A man is frustrated because his neighbour has complained about the scent of cooking coming from his flat.

He claims the neighbour has even asked him not to cook after 9pm because she and her husband find the smells too annoying.

While he admits that smells in a block of flats can travel, but he is baffled as to why she feels entitled enough to try and control his eating schedule.

This is particularly frustrating as he is currently working “multiple jobs,” meaning he cannot always eat any earlier.

Taking to Reddit, where he goes by the username u/OpticalInfusion, the man explained that he is on a diet and will usually cook chicken with salt, pepper, or garlic with a side dish of courgette or squash every night at around 8 to 11pm, reports The Mirror.

He wrote: “I eat two meals a day which I cook in my home. I also work multiple jobs.

“I understand that smelling the same thing every day can be repetitive, however, it seems thoroughly unreasonable to ask somebody to change their life schedule in their own home to accommodate your preference.

“She even suggested that I meal prep and only eat reheated food at night.”

Although he knows full well that he is adhering to building regulations and is well within his rights to refuse such a request, he cannot help but wonder whether he might be in the wrong somehow.

Fellow Reddit users were firmly on his side, with one person advising: “Smelling what other people are cooking is not unusual in apartment life.

“This doesn’t give you the right to tell others not to cook.”

Another commented: “It’s wildly inappropriate to ask a neighbour to not cook after 9 pm.

“Short of you jumping up and down, singing, and banging pots and pans while you’re cooking, there’s no reason you can’t cook at any point during a 24-hour period.”

source: express.co.uk