Woman drove 25 miles with dead body trapped underneath her car

A woman and her daughter were driving along a motorway in Goias State, Brazil, when their car passed over a large object at a high speed. At the time the mother believed she passed a log on the tarmac, but distressingly, it was later revealed she drove nearly 25 miles with a dead body beneath her car.

The pair were driving when they noticed a large object on the motorway in the early hours of Tuesday, March 7.

The mother swerved the car, believing it was a wooden log, and the car’s right wheel passed over it.

However, the daughter wasn’t convinced and told her mother she believed it was a human body.

The young girl added that she believes she saw the body with its head “caved in”.

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The incident took place on the BR-040 highway in Luziânia, Goiás State, Brazil.

After driving for a while, the mother pulled over on the hard shoulder and called the local police, but as she was waiting for authorities to arrive, it started to rain so as she saw the vehicles arrive at the scene she drove off.

According to the local fire department, the woman had no idea she had a body trapped under her car.

The woman and her daughter arrived home in the Federal District when the daughter noticed a leg sticking out from under the vehicle.

Initially, firefighters said the mother drove 12 miles (20km) with the body trapped under the vehicle, but the Civil Police of Goiás later confirmed that it was around 25 miles (40km).

Federal Highway Police officers and forensic experts rushed to the home and took the body to the Legal Medical Institute to undergo an autopsy.

And the mother was taken to a police station in Luziânia to leave a statement.

On the scene, local authorities found the victim’s belongings which included BRL 237 (£38) in cash, a packet of cigarettes and a lighter, and a pair of shoes.

The investigation is ongoing.

source: express.co.uk