Chelsea target Luis Enrique has already hinted he may have issue blocking him from job

It remains to be seen whether Cullel would be open to moving to London, where the weather is only slightly better than Manchester. But there seems to be some interest from Luis Enrique in returning to club management and, with no open posts in La Liga, England could be his best chance.

Of course, it remains a hypothetical scenario while the Chelsea board maintain faith in Potter’s management. The 47-year-old has only won two of his last 16 games, despite overseeing a £323million spend in January, and his side have not scored a goal in four of their last five matches.

Much could depend on how the Blues fare in their next games against Leeds and Borussia Dortmund, with their chances of finishing in the top four all but over following their 2-0 defeat to Tottenham.

But with a talented 33-man squad and an owner flushed with cash, managing the chaotic west London club remains an attractive proposition – and Luis Enrique could be the man to take over if Potter is axed.