Cruise guest complains as passenger breaks ship rules – ‘it’s a safety issue!’

A cruise passenger has taken to Reddit to rant after they had to report another guest for breaking the ship’s rules. While rules vary between cruise lines, some are in place on the majority of ships.

The cruise guest said: “I had to report someone for smoking on their balcony. Nobody wants to smell your nasty a*s smoke!

“It smells like you’re burning trash! You smell like a trash fire! It’s not ok at any time. You are not the only person using the balconies. Stay in the designated smoking areas and away from us!”

On the majority of cruise ships, guests are not allowed to smoke cigarettes on their cabin’s balcony.

Some ships have designated areas of the deck for smokers and on some lines, cruise guests may be able to smoke in the casino.

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Another passenger said: “It’s a rule for a reason because it’s a safety issue and it disturbs others so you’re justified.

“It’s also hard to enforce unless a lot of guests report it to help the crew narrow down which cabin it’s coming from.”

Smoking in cabins is banned because it’s a fire hazard and could be very dangerous for staff and crew.

It’s also a health hazard and cruise lines try to stop other guests being exposed to secondhand smoke.


A cruise guest added: “That stink is horrible. But the bigger concern is starting a fire, that’s the real reason it’s not allowed.”

Another passenger said they felt inspired to report their cabin neighbours for smoking cigarettes.

They said: “I will start reporting these people too. Every cruise we smell them, but haven’t been reporting them.

“I am former Navy. I know that a fire on a ship is deadly. We were always taught to do everything possible to avoid fire because there is nowhere to run but into the sea.”

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Cruise guests could also be impacted by the smell of smoke if their room is near the ship’s smoking deck.

Depending on the direction of the wind, some guests may be able to smoke from the deck on their balcony.

Guests could check the ship’s deck plan before booking to try to avoid this issue or ask the cruise line when they book.

Another guest said they were worried that smokers might throw cigarette butts into the sea rather than disposing of them.

Cigarette butts are extremely harmful to marine life and should always be disposed of safely in ashtrays.

Another guest said they believed that some passengers were smoking cannabis on the neighbouring balcony of their cruise.

Although cannabis is legal in some US states, it is against the law in many countries and guests are not allowed to bring it on cruise ships.

Carnival Cruise Line recently warned that guests’ luggage could be randomly searched by sniffer dogs in a bid to stop passengers packing marijuana.