Camilla gets 'confidence' from Diana's top designer – turning to him for coronation gown

But Bruce also happened to be one of Princess Diana’s top designers. As Bruce and Princess Diana became close friends in the 1980s, some of the most recognisable outfits she wore were his creations.

He has described the Princess as the “perfect client”. Bruce added: “When I look back, it was relentless for her. We did dress her up like she was going to a wedding every day.”

The designer received an OBE in 1990, and Queen Camilla, King Charles’s second wife, has used him as her go-to designer ever since.

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He designed her a narrow, pale turquoise dress with lace for a 2013 tour of Sri Lanka, and she received praise for it.

For the State Opening of Parliament in 2015, Queen Camilla wore a stunning silver dress designed by Bruce.

Camilla’s attire for Royal Ascot in 2021 and the James Bond movie premiere No Time To Die two years ago were among his other designs. Bruce has said: “I gave Diana her glamour and Camilla her confidence.”


An insider gave some insight into Queen Camilla’s Coronation gown: “Camilla has a very close friendship with Bruce spanning many years so in many ways it is the natural and obvious choice.

“Camilla trusts Bruce because he has really delivered on dresses for so many important occasions recently for her,” they told The Sun.

It has previously been announced that Queen Camilla will wear Queen Mary’s Crown for the Coronation.

The leading Diamond Expert, Maxwell Stone, told “It’s great to hear that Buckingham Palace has finally announced the details of Camilla’s coronation crown – particularly after the controversy surrounding the possible use of the Koh-i-Noor diamond.

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“Camilla has chosen Queen Mary’s Crown, which was commissioned by Queen Mary for King George V’s 1911 coronation – though she’s making some changes, which includes not featuring the Koh-i-Noor diamond.

“A particularly heartwarming change that the Queen Consort is making is to incorporate some diamonds from Queen Elizabeth II’s personal jewellery collection into the crown – all of which are cut from the showstopping Cullinan diamond.

“The Cullinan V is a beautiful heart-shaped diamond that weighs 18.8 carats.

“It was set in platinum by Garrard in 1911 and Queen Mary wore it on her crown for the 1911 coronation.

“Most of the time, the Cullian V diamond was featured in a brooch setting, which was passed down to Queen Elizabeth II, who wore it frequently over the decades. I’d estimate it to be worth £2million.

“The Cullinan III and Cullinan IV are the third and fourth largest stones cut from the Cullinan Diamond.

“At present, the pear-shaped 94.4 carat Cullinan III is usually worn as a brooch, in a configuration that includes the square-cut 63 carat Cullinan IV.

“I’d estimate the value of the brooch to be a staggering £50million.”