Lisa Marie's cousin and Graceland playmate shares why he missed funeral at Elvis' mansion

Danny spoke of Lisa Marie’s favourite Slurpee flavours being coke and cherry, before getting on to the subject of the memorial service.

Following her death, he confirmed that he watched the funeral of his famous cousin, who he’s not seen in decades, with his parents Billy and Jo on the live stream that Graceland made available to the public.

He shared: “Had we been invited, I’m still not sure if I would have actually went… I hope I don’t come across in the wrong way, but let me just say this: if we would’ve wanted to go, then I can promise you I would have been there and nothing or nobody or anything would have stopped me. I just felt in my heart…it wasn’t something that I felt inside, I’ll be honest. I watched the memorial with Mom and Daddy. That was good and comforting and us just being together.”

Lisa Marie’s cousin also clarified that there was no anger or hatred between the Smith and Presley families, despite previous videos of his parents appearing dissatisfied with not being invited to the Graceland premiere of the Elvis movie last year. 

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