Death in Paradise's Tahj says 'it's a blessing' to work with Ralf Little in sweet tribute

Death in Paradise star Tahj Miles, who has played Marlon Pryce since series 10, has opened up about what it is like to film alongside Ralf Little and Shantol Jackson. The actor joined the cast when he was 18-years-old, and admitted it “was a shock” when he first arrived in the Caribbean.

Recalling the moment he arrived in the Caribbean, the Marlon Pryce star began: “It was the middle of 2020, so it was right in the middle of the pandemic.

“So I had been stuck inside doing nothing and the next thing I know I am in the Caribbean, 18 years old with a villa to myself.

“When I first got there it was a bit of a shock so I thought, ‘How did I end up here?'”

He explained for the first three weeks he observed what was going on behind the scenes before he began filming.

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“I was young and it was my time filming from home for such a long time,” Tahj continued.

“So they had me there from the start just to get used to the environment.

“The first week and a bit it was slightly strange being away from home and it was the biggest career role I’ve had to date.”

Turning his attention to his co-stars, Tahj admitted he would often watch Ralf on set, branding the Neville Parker star “brilliant”.

Tahj’s character, who applied to be a police sergeant in the latest series, went on to describe his co-stars as his “family”.

“We become each other’s family…me, Ginny [Holder] and Shantol [Jackson] live on the same road, so we see each other all the time and Ralf is around the corner.”

“I am close with all of them,” the actor went on to say. “I am close with Shantol, I call her big sis a lot of the time.

“When she first came she was staying in a villa opposite me, and since she was new to the show I was taking care of her.

“And she was taking care of me because she was older than me so it was a good dynamic.”

The latest series of Death in Paradise has seen plenty of drama for the Saint Marie police force.

The Commissioner (Don Warrington) is about to get a blast from the past when his daughter comes to meet him.

Elsewhere, Neville (Ralf Little) may have found his happy ending when Sophie (Chelsea Edge) arrives back on the island.

Death in Paradise returns on Friday at 9pm on BBC One