Small dog rescued from jaws of 11ft python that 'wrapped around him really quickly'

A dog owner breathed a sigh of relief after her two-year-old Pomeranian narrowly escaped the jaws of a massive snake. Amanda Taylor was walking her dog, named Ferrari, in Queensland Australia alongside two other pooches. It was at this moment that she heard a high-pitched yelp behind her. She turned to find Ferrari being attacked by a huge carpet python.

Recalling the incident in an interview with ABC News, Ms Taylor said: “I looked down and I just couldn’t believe my eyes.

This snake had … just grabbed my little dog on the head … and then just wrapped around him really quickly.”

Ms Taylor displayed her heroism, though, immediately grabbing the snake and shaking it to try and save Ferrari’s life.

She continued: “All of a sudden [the snake] started unraveling and the poor dog went flying up in the air and running off down the beach.

“It was just unbelievable how fast it happened…it was like an alien movie.”

Witnesses who were nearby when the incident happened also said that they were initially unaware of what was going on.

One person even thought that it was a tree branch, not a snake, that Ms Taylor was holding.

A witness, Kristy Lee Williamson, told ABC: “[Amanda] acted so quickly.

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“I would hate to think what might have happened had it been just like a few seconds longer… it just felt like she really nailed that situation and saved her dog – she was like Steve Irwin.”

Ms Taylor was able to shake her dog free of the python’s clutches before throwing the reptile towards a river.

Ferrari suffered two puncture wounds – one on his ear and one just below the eye. The vets have given him antibiotics.

Carpet pythons are found in Australia, New Guinea, and on the northern Solomon Island. They usually hunt small mammals, birds and lizards.

In Australia, there have been a number of instances where pythons have killed household pets.