60-year-old shares 'key to longevity' and optimism about the future

Ann Russell has been nicknamed The TikTok Auntie by her followers, thanks to her insightful tips, tricks and life advice videos which have appealed to all generations. In a recent video, she responded to a middle-aged commenter with her advice on remaining positive as you age.

The commenter asked: “Ann how do you stay so positive and optimistic about your longevity? Having reached middle age I worry about how much time I have left.”

According to Ann, the key is about being “comfortable”. The professional cleaner-turned-writer, who currently has 2.3M followers on her @annrussell03 TikTok page, eschews “fad diets” and recommends never parting with loved ones on bad terms.

“There are no guarantees, are there? I could be hit by a bus tomorrow,” she said. “There are no guarantees. I say I love you to people when I say goodbye to them in case I never see them again.

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Ann also recommends making sure to do things that make you feel good throughout the day. “Get lots of sleep,” she said. “Otherwise I feel crap.”

She added: “I just assume I will live forever. And if I die tomorrow, well that will be very unfortunate but hopefully, people will remember me kindly. And if they don’t it doesn’t matter because I won’t know anything about it.”

Positive thinking has been attributed towards better mental and physical health as we age. Experts from Web MD explained: “During a study, women who were more optimistic were less likely to die from cancer, heart disease, stroke, respiratory disease, and infection.

“And in a study of people over the age of 50, those who had more positive thoughts about ageing lived longer. They also had less stress-related inflammation, which shows one possible link between their thoughts and health.”

Ann’s insight has been applauded by followers, with many sharing their own journey towards positivity as they age. A user posting under the handle DustyFingers02 said: “I feel when we hit our age we learn to live each day, I no longer procrastinate, tomorrow may never happen.”

Another user, named Luke said: “I stay positive as many poor souls don’t sadly make as far as I have. I’m grateful for this. I live for today.”

An account named The Swiss Family added: “Honestly this is the best life advice everyone should have. So simple, so happy, so full of love. Thank you.”

source: express.co.uk