Sydney man charged after allegedly trying to murder partner with large knife

A Sydney man will remain in custody for at least two weeks after allegedly trying to murder his partner with a large knife.

Nazar Younan, 57, was arrested on Monday morning after police allege he cut the throat of his partner, aged 54, in their Fairfield home.

She was taken to hospital by family members for treatment and remains in a serious condition, police said on Tuesday.

A large knife in the home was seized by police, who forensically examined the scene.

Younan was later charged with causing a wounding or grievous bodily harm with intent to murder.

A Parramatta bail court on Tuesday remanded him in custody until 16 January.

However the terms of his custody may change.

The court ordered authorities to arrange for two doctors, including a psychiatrist, to examine Younan under mental health provisions.

“If found to be mentally ill, then he is to be transferred to a mental health facility and the court is to be notified,” a court record said.