A Place In The Sun's Jonnie Irwin's cancer 'violently' returned amid his 'last Christmas'

Jonnie Irwin, who is best known for hosting A Place In The Sun, has shared a heartbreaking update in a new interview. The dad-of-three had been given “months” to live after learning he had cancer in 2020, with the disease spreading from his lungs to his brain, then his liver.

Speaking out in a new interview alongside his wife Jess, 40, the Escape to the Country presenter admitted he is hoping to get the most out of this year’s festivities.

The 49-year-old had initially decided to keep the diagnosis private but he had a change of heart after being bombarded with questions about his weight loss.

Ahead of Christmas Day, Jonnie and his wife Jess alongside their three sons, Rex, three, and two-year-old twins Rafa and Cormac, will be hosting the festivities tomorrow at their home with members of their extended family.

Jonnie said he is “hurtling towards where we don’t want to be” and noted even doctors were surprised by the “violence” in which the cancer has returned.

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Speaking on Morning Live earlier this month, the presenter discussed how he is feeling with Gethin Jones and Kimberley Walsh.

He explained since the moment he found out, he has had to deal with things he never thought about, like life insurance.

The presenter was in Italy filming when one day he got “these weird visuals”.

The sound man recognised the signs and drove Jonnie straight to the hospital, which is when the heartbreaking news came to light.

“Everything fell apart for me,” he said before adding: “I just dealt with it myself.”

“Everything fell apart for me,” he said before adding: “I just dealt with it myself.”

After explaining cancer had spread to his lungs, Jonnie continued: “It’s not looking great.

“But I still didn’t want people to treat me differently, and I still wouldn’t, I’d still needed to work.”

“And so I’ve kept it secret for two and a half years,” the presenter shared as he explained why he finally revealed the truth.

source: express.co.uk