NYPD hands tied at ‘Zombieland’ | Urban Legend with Kevin Sheehan

Heroin junkies have taken over a block in East Harlem on 126th Street and Park Avenue in what the Nov. 6 cover of The Post called “the zombie apocalypse.” This comes as the Harm Reduction Legislative Package has decriminalized public possession and sale of hypodermic needles. On that same block, the organization On Point NYC is helping addicts safely use illegal drugs with the aim of lower deaths.

When “Urban Legend” host Kevin Sheehan followed up on the story, he found “open-air drug sales and people shooting up in the street in front of tons of cops.” One resident told Sheehan that the addicts are “robbing and stealing and begging for money.” Meanwhile, New York City police officers have been instructed not to make arrests for public drug use.

source: nypost.com