Crash Team Rumble Is A Competitive 4v4 Game Starring Crash Bandicoot And Friends

Activision has announced Crash Team Rumble, a 4v4 team-based online multiplayer game starring Crash Bandicoot and his furry/scaly friends. The game sees Toys for Bob, the studio behind Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time, step back into the developer role for the Crash Bandicoot series, but with a decidedly different approach in tow.

Crash Team Rumble puts players in the shoes of Crash, Dingodile, and the Bandicoot’s stable of friends and enemies. Each character has their own powers, personality, and playstyle as they duke it out in 4v4 competitions across a wide array of arenas. The teams compete in a variety of activities to bank the most Wumpa fruit in their drop-off zone while simultaneously defending it.

“We’re so excited to unveil our fresh new take on multiplayer in the Crash universe with Crash Team Rumble,” Paul Yan, co-studio head at Toys for Bob said in a press release. “Crash Team Rumble has something for everyone – easy pick-up and play for those who just want to jump in, while also providing skilled gamers the opportunity to leverage and master their hero’s unique abilities.”

You can see the reveal trailer below.

Crash Team Rumble comes to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One in 2023. The game features cross-platform play, so you thankfully won’t need to coordinate with friends or agonize over which version to pick up.