Putin left twitching his feet after Kazakh President Tokayev humiliates him on TV

Vladimir Putin was left twitching his feet after Kassym-Jomart Tokayev refused to look the Russian leader in the eye during talks in the Russian capital. Mr Tokayev’s actions made clear his disapproval of the Kremlin’s invasion of Ukraine, the Mirror has suggested.

The Kazakh President touched down in Moscow for diplomatic talks.

However, cameras showed Tokayev refusing to look his Russian counterpart in the eye.

The moment caused Putin to twitch his feet and was considered yet another sign of his reported health issues.

Both men exchanged signatures marking the 30 years of Russo-Kazakh relations.

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However, Tokayev handed it to an aide after he momentarily held up the agreement alongside Putin.

The two leaders later had a brief handshake as they made eye contact for a split second.

Tokayev used the meeting to claim there was “every reason to be satisfied” with relations between Russia and Kazakhstan.

But he also warned Putin to look to the future.

source: express.co.uk