Decorate your home for Christmas on a budget: 4 steps for a 'unique, warm and cosy' room

Everybody wants to have shiny and expensive-looking home decor during the festive period but many Britons may be looking for ways to do this without spending a fortune this winter. Luckily, there are four simple ways to make your house look fabulous this Christmas without buying any new items.

Add plenty of candles

Tapi’s number one tip is to add a lot of candles around the house. Candles and pine are two of the most classic Christmas elements and “these are really easy to find and use in unique ways”.

They recommended clustering together pillar candles of varying heights to create “a soft light on your dining table or side table”.

Alternatively, place them in a line to bring in some of that “soft, flickering light that we associate with warm and cosy nights,” the experts said.

If people don’t have candles at home, a set of four candles in different heights is available for just £7.99 at The Range. A set of candles is “a brilliant way to keep your home feeling warm, cosy, and inviting,” the retailer’s site said.

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Create décor from leftover wrapping paper

Experts at Tapi explained that leftover wrapping paper and cardboard from the boxes that the presents came can be used to make thrifty decorations.

They suggested: “Make paper chains from wrapping paper or make colourful snowflakes to hang in your windows.

“You can use your cardboard to make snowmen or even a ‘Santa please stop here’ sign if you have enough of it.”

This can also be a great way to get the whole family involved, play Christmas songs and get into the festive spirit early.


Search charity shops

A good way to save money on Christmas decorations is to have a look in charity shops. “They will be your best friend if you’re looking to achieve your Christmas aesthetic without spending big,” the experts said.

They recommended: “Look for unique pieces that fit your style and need a new home – you’re spending less, and being more sustainable!”

Prevent costly damage to your flooring

It is also important to save money by keeping the floors, and the rest of the house, in good condition during the festive period.

Christmas trees, for instance, can leave scratches on the wooden floor. The experts advised: “To prevent scratches on hardwood floor, be sure to place a soft floor covering underneath your tree!

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“You can also prevent pesky indentations in your carpet by placing a durable mat underneath the legs of your tree.”

If people have a real tree that needs to stand in water, they should consider adding an extra layer of protection with a wide plant pot saucer to prevent leakage onto the carpet.

The experts at Tapi also advised vacuuming and checking around the base of the tree for any leaking.

Another idea to get fabulous decorations on a budget is to use jam jars, fill them with glitter and place a tea candle inside.

People can also make their own paper baubles, which are very inexpensive and look beautiful, especially if they choose a bright mix of colours.

Another trick is to use leftover ribbon to hang Christmas cards which can create a stunning hanging display with your favourite Christmas cards.

Johanna Constantinou, brand and communications director at Tapi, said: “Doing this at Christmas time means that you’re injecting a bit of personality into the festivities, which is something your guests over the festive period are sure to love. We hope our tips inspire some ways you can achieve this, without having to spend big.”