House of the Dragon Finale: We're Not Over [Spoiler]'s Death

In an attempt to intimidate his nephew, Aemond threatened to take out Lucerys’ eye and later pursued the young prince on dragonback. The situation escalated to a dire one when Lucerys’ dragon Arrax blew fire at Aemond’s dragon Vhagar. This action prompted Vhagar to go after Arrax with all her might, killing the dragon and Rhaenyra’s son in the process.

Aemond clearly didn’t wish for this outcome, as he shouted at the beast, “Vhagar, no. No!”

Though fans of George R.R. Martin‘s novel Fire & Blood, which inspired the Game of Thrones prequel series, anticipated this ending, Lucerys’ death was still devastating to watch. Not only did Lucerys’ passing cement his mother’s decision to fight for her crown, confirming the bloody Targaryen civil war (known as the Dance of the Dragons), but it hinted that any member of the Targaryen family could be at risk.

We’re also such fans of the sweet young prince that we’re simply sad to see him go.