How to make the air fryer cheese toastie recipe declared 'banging!' – recipe

TikTok user Lee Wakefield has sent users of the popular social media app wild trying out an air fryer toastie hack.

Lee’s video, demonstrating the delicious-looking recipe, has had an amazing four million views on the app.

The Briton, who posts food hacks alongside adorable videos of his pets declared the hack a success.

He said: “Decided to give the air fryer toastie hack a go today, definitely a winner!”

His followers also appeared to be fans of the air fryer toastie. One who tried it called the recipe “banging”.

Another said: “Air fryer toasties are the best.” So, how does one make it?

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However, some found difficulty with the hack. One said: “The egg always explodes in my air fryer!!”

Some complained their egg wasn’t properly cooked. One found cooking the toasty longer solved the problem, and said: “Tried today at 180C for eight minutes. Cooked perfectly.”

Others had suggestions. One wrote: “Try mayo on the top and bottom, really crisp it up.”

“I do this in my air fryer but I toast me bread first,” another said.

Keeping your air fryer clean can be difficult, and an air fryer cleaning hack has been strongly warned against.

The hack involves cleaning an air fryer by turning it on with water and dish soap inside. However, this could stop the from machine working. 

One air fryer owner said: “Be careful. I did this before and my whole air fryer stopped working.”