Final Fantasy 7: Crisis Core Reunion Preview [TheGamer]

TheGamer’s Jade King says: “I never played Final Fantasy 7: Crisis Core as a kid. My brother had the PSP, and used it to play mediocre platforming spin-offs like Daxter and Secret Agent Clank instead of actual good games. He even bought Saints Row even after I told him it was bad recently, so lets consider him a lost cause. But now I finally have a chance to right that wrong, and to fill a gap of Final Fantasy knowledge that has hung over me for too damn long.

After playing a small section of the upcoming remaster at a recent Square Enix event, I think the wait might actually be worth it. Instead of simply updating the textures and enhancing the resolution before calling it a day, Reunion uses Final Fantasy 7 Remake as a foundation to build something far more ambitious. While its portable origins shine through so much of its presentation, it still manages to feel great to play and looks even better.”