Menopause: Avoid weight gain on holiday by practising easy exercise 'five times every day'

Dietist Rosemary Conley started by saying “the key to success” is making small choices, especially during the menopause when weight gain is more common. However, she said it is essential women give themselves “permission to enjoy treats” during the summer holiday.

Rosemary explained: “If you’re on holiday – especially in a hotel or on a cruise – there is just so much choice of food! Buffet breakfasts, luxurious lunches and then cocktails, starters, mains, desserts and then cheese!

“The key to your success will be based simply on making some small choices. Firstly, recognise the things that you absolutely love – certain foods, special drinks and treats that perhaps you only have on holiday – and give yourself permission to enjoy them.

“There’s nothing wrong with drinking a cocktail before dinner or eating an ice cream when you fancy one!

“The key is to do so in moderation – if you know you’re going for a large meal and plenty of treats in the evening, consider whether you need that mid-morning snack as well as breakfast, and afternoon tea as well as lunch. This way, you can enjoy the food you fancy while maintaining that hard-earned weight loss.”

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Rosemary recommended balancing the extra calories with some moderate activity: “My best advice for avoiding weight gain on holiday is to balance your delicious food with a bit more activity – which is much easier on holiday, as we have more time.

“I have to be honest: If you intend to just lie on a sun lounger and read a book or three for a fortnight, you might be struggling.

“If, on the other hand, you love swimming, walking on the beach, sightseeing on foot, playing a beach sport – then you’re laughing. You will be burning off your gorgeous treats, while loving the fun of activity.

“If you’re on a cruise, you can set yourself the goal of walking around the deck five times every day.”

Alternatively, holidaymakers can go on a beach walk and do five times the length of the beach every day.

The dietist also recommended playing some sports, swimming in the pool and perhaps visiting the gym.

Rosemary also advised always to keep a glass of water on the table alongside your choice of drink: “Sometimes we just want to pick up a glass to have a sip of something. It doesn’t always need to be alcohol.

“Drinking white wine with soda to make a Spritzer is a great way to save some calories. Keeping hydrated with plenty of water while you’re on holiday is key to your health anyway, especially if you are travelling somewhere hot.”

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For breakfast, Rosemary recommended enjoying the local fruit. Papaya, melon, passion fruit and mango with some fresh yoghurt will be “a fabulous way to start the day”.

For lunch, freshly cooked and locally caught fish or lean meat served with a salad is “a real treat and healthy too,” the diet expert said.

“Avoid anything with chips and try not to fill up on bread when you don’t need it,” she advised.

If you love a dessert, select a light starter for dinner and skip the bread roll that is offered, she recommended.

Rosemary advised: “Choose what you like for the main course and fill up with delicious salads or vegetables. Then, choose the dessert you really love.

“This is what being on holiday is all about! On the other hand, if you love savoury foods, spoil yourself with the starter and skip the dessert.”

The dietist concluded: “My best advice is to try to balance your delicious food with how active you are. If you are really active throughout the day, then of course you can eat pretty liberally.

“If you are lying around relaxing all day, then think before you eat. But most of all, have a fabulous time!”