Remove limescale and scum from bathroom taps in 5 mins – no scrubbing required

Maxine Dwyer and the Clean It, Fix It team were back organising, rearranging and sprucing another house. The Mackay family were proud of their bathroom, having spent a lot of money renovating it and installing modern fixtures. But when cleaning expert Maxine took a closer look, she found thick limescale and scum covering the shower glass, tiles and stainless taps. 

“I love cleaning bathrooms,” Maxine said. “It gives me so much satisfaction because straight away you see the difference. 

“You can see that we’re in a hard water area. Of course, there will be a build up of calcium, limescale and scum on the shower screen – you can even feel it.” 

As for what products and tools Maxine used to give the bathroom a deep clean; they weren’t fancy or expensive. 

The expert created a solution by mixing bicarbonate of soda, which is a gentle abrasive and odouriser, and white vinegar, which is a mild acid. 

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“This is a simple solution and I’m just using my hands – the results will be good!” The presenter said. 

“It’s a lovely paste, it’s gritty and that’s acting as an agitator to the limescale and calcium. 

“It’s neutral so it will not tarnish or harm the stainless steel. And it even smells fresh!” 

Having successfully covered the taps in the paste, Maxine said: “I’m going to leave this on for five minutes and I’m going to do all the stainless steel with it.” 

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With the same cleaning solution, Maxine targeted the shower tiles. 

“I’m going to put it on the bottom tiles and work my way up,” she added. “The worst scum is on the bottom.” 

Using a scrubbing brush helps get into the grouting and loosens any dirt caught in the textured tiles. 

And if you run hot water from the shower for a while, the steam opens the pores in ceramic tiles, so you get a deeper clean. 

“The tiles have come up really lovely, very nice,” she remarked. 

But how did the shower tap look? “Now look at it,” Maxine said. 

She had simply poured water over the taps to remove the paste, and reveal the shiny stainless beneath. 

“I love seeing a great transformation. Limescale-free!” She added.