Mets among teams interested in Orioles’ Trey Mancini

The Mets are among teams to check in on Trey Mancini, whose market is heating up. Buck Showalter knows him from Baltimore. We suggested here they could use a hitter; Andrew Benintendi or Josh Bell also would fit.

Taijaun Walker improved thanks to increased depth on his splitter, via Carlos Carrasco’s tutelage. Walker said he tried the grip last year, and couldn’t do it. But this year it’s worked wonders.

Pete Alonso said that, if selected to the All-Star team, he will “strongly consider” doing the Home Run Derby again. “It’s a fun event.”

Luis Guillorme should win a Gold Glove, Chris Bassitt says. “Hands down, he has the best hands.” Agreed.

Across town, Jose Trevino of the Yankees should be a shoo-in for a Gold Glove.

Yankees bosses were pleased and impressed star Aaron Judge took the compromise $19 million deal (plus $500,000 in incentives), though it’s not known if they will soften their stance in long-term talks. In any case, don’t assume Judge is now OK with how the multiyear talks went, as the offer — which seemed reasonable at the time (to me, anyway) — was up to $100 million less than the ask.

The Orioles' Trey Mancini celebrates with teammates after scoring during the first inning against the Mariners at T-Mobile Park on June 27, 2022 in Seattle.
The Orioles’ Trey Mancini celebrates with teammates after scoring during a game against the Mariners.
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The obvious assumption is that Judge and the Yankees have been such a wonderful marriage that it will work out. But the same was true of Freddie Freeman and the Braves.

One longtime arbitration expert says he believes Judge would have won the case based on “public appeal,” just as the iconic Derek Jeter won at $5 million without huge stats many years ago.