Id won't do it, so hobbyists ported Carmack's final Doom game to PC

Doom RPG is one of those odd side-stories in videogame history, a project born from id Software co-founder John Carmack’s relentlessly tinkering nature. It was a mobile game from the pre-smartphone era, and the game’s origins are as simple as Carmack’s wife buying him a slightly better phone: which naturally set our boy to thinking.

“Getting into this was really a sort of random event,” Carmack told Eurogamer in 2006. “A year ago, I rarely carried a cell phone, and it was just an old black-and-white clunker. When my wife gave me a new mid-range phone with a decent colour display and some bad game demos on it, I had my curiosity piqued a little about the platform. It turned out to be really easy to develop Java applications for the phone, so I played around a little bit and started thinking about what elements would make a good game for the platform.”