Vodafone is offering all customers unlimited 4G and 5G data this weekend

Vodafone is getting into a generous mood this weekend, with the mobile phone giant offering all customers unlimited 4G and 5G data. No matter what plan or package you’re on, you’ll be able to enjoy unlimited data for 24 hours on Sunday June 26. This Vodafone freebie will be available to all of the carrier’s Pay Monthly and Pay As You Go (PAYG) customers, and it will also be available to VOXI customers too. Vodafone is launching this freebie to help people better connect with loved ones on what will be the UK’s first ever ‘Celebration Day’.

This new annual event, which is taking place today, June 26, has been launched to celebrate loved ones are sadly no longer with us.

Celebrities such as Stephen Fry, Richard E Grant and Gemma Arterton will be lending their support for the day.

Speaking about this, Max Taylor, the consumer director at Vodafone UK, said: “Taking time out of our busy lives to remember and celebrate those who are no longer with us is really important, especially after what has been an incredibly challenging two years.

“Celebration Day is the perfect opportunity for people to connect with loved ones to celebrate those who they have lost and we’re happy to be able to make that connection easier for our customers.”

If you wish to take part in Celebration Day, then you can do so using the #CelebrationDay hashtag to share your stories on social media.

You can also head to the official Celebration Day website to share your story directly with the organisers, who will be posting stories on their website and social accounts.

This is the first time that Celebration Day has ever been held in the UK.

The website says that – in a fast-paced and ever connected world – Celebration Day is meant to offer people a respite where they’re encouraged to pause and reflect.

It said: “In a non-stop, modern world, keeping as connected as we might like to the lives of those no longer with us can feel increasingly difficult – so on Celebration Day we can each decide whose lives we would celebrate and how best we would like to do so.

“You can take a walk, call a friend or members of our family, invite people round for a meal, cook something particular, take down a photo album, go somewhere special, a place of worship, post something, play a song, light a candle.

“Many places, cultures and religions have times and customs of remembrance as ways of honouring either loved ones or ancestors. Celebration Day can connect to all of them.”

source: express.co.uk