Stray preview a pedigree adventure or alleycat scraps? – The Loadout

The Annapurna published cat game Stray has been quite the enigma up until recently, when The Loadout was invited to a press preview that enabled us to see the game in action. Its cat lost in a dystopian robot future vibe is certainly a unique concept, and the worldbuilding seems on-point, but the games short playtime and laid-back nature means it might be more alleycat than pedigree when it releases in July.

Stray has been in development for seven years since its conception, producer Swann Martin-Raget, the developer showing us the game, says. Hes guiding the cat down the dystopian, neon-lit streets of the games city, which is inspired by Hong Kongs famous Kowloon Walled City. One of the first things he makes clear is that you can press a button to meow were already sold.