Serbia agrees new three-year deal on gas supplies from Russia

Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić

Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić

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“I can’t announce the gas price right now, all the details will be agreed with Gazprom,” Vučić added.

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Vučić said that he had also discussed with Putin the expansion of gas storage capacities in Serbia.

At the same time, the Serbian TV channel RTS reported that later Vučić explained that the price of gas for Serbia, according to its data, will range from $310 to $408 per thousand cubic meters.

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Based on the 2.2 billion cubic meters needed by Serbia, this is the best gas price in Europe, the Serbian leader said.

“The issue of additional 800 million cubic meters of gas remains open, as Serbia’s gas consumption has increased,” Vučić stated.

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The Serbian president said that he had asked the head of Gazprom, Alexei Miller, to discuss with him the amount of gas needed by the country in the near future.

“If we implement everything that we agreed with Putin, then we will have a comfortable winter in terms of gas supply, and based on the results of negotiations with Gazprom, we will be able to say exactly how much a cubic meter of gas will cost us on average,” Vučić said.

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“Currently, our price is three times lower, and in winter it will be 10-12 times lower, than what the rest of Europe pays.”

Earlier, Putin and Vučić had a telephone conversation and agreed that the Russian Federation would continue to supply gas to Serbia.