Cameroon plane disaster: Horror as plane carrying 11 passengers ‘crashes’

According to reports, the aircraft went missing on Wednesday around 2pm in Cameroon shortly after takeoff. Cameroon Transport Minister Ernest Ngalle Bibehe said in a statement that air traffic services lost radio contact with an aircraft that left the Nsimalen airport in Yaounde.

According to CNA, the radio signal was lost during the storm that hit the capital city late in the afternoon.

The news agency said that some of the passengers worked at the Cameroon Oil Transportation Company, COTCO, while others were part of the crew.

The craft had a clear trajectory; Yaounde, Nsimalen, Dompta, Belabo, Yaounde, Nsimalen.

Air and ground search teams have been put on duty after the aircraft went missing.

The plane was eventually found in the forest in Nanga Eboko in the Centre Province.

Mr Bibehe added that emergency services are currently on their way to the location of the aircraft.

A ministry official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the plane “crashed” and rescuers were “trying to see if it’s possible to save anyone”.

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Cameroon24 reported that the crash left no survivors, however, there has been no official confirmation from the Ministry.

According to official sources, the plane was chartered by the private company COTCO which maintains a hydrocarbon pipeline that runs between Cameroon and neighbouring Chad.