'Now is the perfect time' to sow popular flower – 'really great seed for a beginner'

How to sow cosmos seeds

Sophie said: “Sow the seed. I have tried two method and both have been successful. Either surface sow and cover with soil, or pop them in a 1cm hole and cover.”

She claimed these methods have been “so successful in fact (she is) now drowning in cosmos seedlings.”

Sophie went on: “Make sure you keep them moist not soggy.

“I use a water sprayer and carefully overhead mist them.

“Once germinated I pop mine in the zippy greenhouse to stop them getting leggy.

Sophie recently detailed a plant to sow in your garden, calling the hardy climber “incredible”.

Sophie, who is a mum to three boys, suggested sowing Spanish Flags to her followers.

The plants are also known as Ipomoea lobata and come in red and yellow.

This is why the plants are known as Spanish flags.

source: express.co.uk