Horoscope: Horoscopes for March 2022 – what is in store for your star sign this month?

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Aries (Mar21/Apr20) 

Although you love the idea of starting new projects, it’s difficult to stick with them when your mind wanders to other possibilities. People want to see that you finish what you started. You may need to remind yourself how positive you felt during planning, journeys or joint ventures in order to fulfil a promise. It will be wonderful to reunite with your amour when the month starts. Are you single? When you tell your friends you are single, you won’t be laughing. You can find a way out of your madness. You may have noticed a pattern in your relationship with someone you just separated from.

Therefore, you want to get rid of it. You want to avoid making the same mistakes in your next relationship by choosing someone very different from your ex. You will feel happier and more optimistic if you accept a steady job or take on additional work. Being able to accomplish a lot reflects who and what you are. When you put your energy into things that are important, you will always be happier and content. You will be able to pay off debts and save money thanks to the progress that you make. Despite moments of distraction, you are becoming more focused.

As will be proven in March, you have never been afraid to take on enormous responsibilities. Others might question you about how much you know. You’re promising yourself that you will fulfil all your obligations and that you won’t let anyone down. You will find greater happiness by following the alternative paths that you have chosen this spring. Your life will be richer if you have new experiences at the end of each month.

Taurus (Apr21/May21)

Taking part in club and group activities can bring you so many benefits. Although you may be a shy person, it is important to socialise with others. Your current goals will be greatly helped by a new friend. You can make your wildest dreams come true if you have a passion for something and will work hard. A new friend will inspire you to do something different. You will be more attractive if you have more confidence.

This will help if you’re not getting along with your housemate, as they will probably admit that you are more approachable. This allows you to discuss your differences and come up with compromises. You are now ready to spice up your love life. Your amour should be attentive, kind, and affectionate. Are you single? You will feel strong now so find some unconventional friends. Your financial approach has always been practical and pragmatic. You should discuss your concerns with your housemate about their spending habits. You will find your partner and other people who have a hand in the purse strings more accommodating than you might expect.

They will listen to you and allow you to express your thoughts about money, work and religion without you taking offense. The 8th of March will surprise you the most. Your colleagues will appear to be willing to do anything to please your boss. Your job is enjoyable when you can laugh with your colleagues and share the fun. You all work well together when you are working on shared projects. Enjoyment and laughter should be a major part of the month’s activities. It’s not good for your health to take on too many responsibilities. Fun times are essential to gaining more value in your life.

Gemini (May22/June21)

Once March begins, the pattern of events should make a significant improvement on trends you’ve seen in the past. While this year has been full of fun moments, these are nothing compared to what spring holds. All relationships should be happy and harmonious in March. Spending more time with friends, old and new, will improve your social life. You might feel like you’re always thinking about the person you have been falling in love with. This might be the right time to make this relationship more romantic. You can take the initiative to suggest it and they will feel the same.

Your partner, a friend or close relative will introduce you to a new hobby after the month is over. You could be able to get money from a legal settlement, a bonus or a royalty agreement. Your cash could go into a new venture which could provide a steady income for many years. Showcase your skills and achievements, no matter if you are working for yourself or pursuing a great job.

You should always accept an offer to display your work to a publisher, gallery or business owner. You should be available to audition or attend interviews at any time during the month. You will soon receive money that you want to save. A small amount of this money could be used to start your own business. You will see this new venture flourish. You can move up in your career by signing a contract before the 21st. It will surprise you at the services an agent, manager or employment agency can provide.

Cancer (June22/July23)

Travel plans made with a friend or partner can give you something to look forward to. This exciting journey will not be complete without you imagining the fun times you’ll have together. A journey will inspire and lift you but you won’t travel on an impulse.

The fun part of planning a trip is the preparation. It will make you feel like a child at Christmas Eve. You will enjoy the anticipation, waiting and hoping for the future. Are you single? Travelling could lead to a special relationship. The attraction you have for one another will last a lifetime. Romance is fun, exciting and wonderful. It’s not the time to spend a lot on extravagant items. Every penny will be saved for a memorable holiday. Both short- and long-term journeys will be exciting and enjoyable.

Relaxing moments will also be enjoyed. Your loved ones and friends know how to bring out your best. It will be a pleasant surprise to receive jewellery as a gift around the 16th. You could receive it from a family member. Your month is creative, romantic and vibrant. You will find new opportunities by mixing with people outside of your usual circle. You might find yourself in a new area of expertise because of unexpected events or arrangements on the 18th. It’s not unusual to find yourself having difficulty concentrating on your job in March because there are so many things going on around you. You will feel more restless if you don’t enjoy a change in scenery.

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Horoscopes: Astrology star sign horoscope

Horoscopes: Russell Grant shares your horoscopes this month (Image: GETTY)

Leo (July24/Aug23) 

Your top priority should be to achieve a goal you love. You won’t take it lightly if you do nothing by the book. During the first few days your entire attention will be focused on one goal. The good news is that you have the talent and determination to accomplish it. While you are serious about your social and professional responsibilities you can still enjoy life and take risks. While your friends will be pleased with you burning the midnight oil at both ends, an older relative won’t be so happy. While you might think you are old enough to take care of yourself, you should not neglect your health.

The cause of your symptoms will be obvious if you feel irritable, anxious or tense. Much will depend on the outcome of an official or legal decision made in March. It may be necessary to delegate practical matters to others. This won’t be a straightforward task. A partner or loved one will feel heavy because they are responsible for the responsibility. While you’re having fun, they will remind you about the problems they face. It’s difficult to maintain harmonious relationships.

On the 13th acquaintances will help you feel more confident, vibrant and excited about your future career possibilities. You will be more connected to society through their outgoing influence and more open to making new friends. Is there a catch? As the month draws to a close, you will need your wits about yourself. You don’t want to miss a chance to succeed but you also won’t want your trust to be misplaced.

Virgo (Aug24/Sept23)

As March starts, friendships, sports and competitive events will keep your mind busy. A new outdoor activity will interest you. Travel will work well together and romance is possible if you’re single. Your relationship will be successful if you are honest, respectful and open to communication at work and home. A friend will be happy to help you work in an area in their life that is badly neglected. Your advice will make a difference to a neighbour.

You have plenty of things going on that will keep your life exciting and vibrant. You can do something right now if you feel like you don’t have enough time to enjoy a new friendship or relationship. If you immediately address your financial issues, joint financial problems will not affect the foundations of a loving relationship. Talking to your partner at the beginning of March can help you both to understand what needs to be done to fix this problem. Your partner will try their best to help you both. It is amazing what can be accomplished when you and your partner are open to discussing what you want and how it might be achieved.

You will feel more in control when you both agree on what you should do. Try again if your first attempt at a difficult task fails. Although it may take several more attempts to achieve the desired results, perseverance will get you there. It may take some time to learn new skills but you should keep trying. A senior colleague will encourage you with sincere encouragement. You will also find plenty of help if you need it. It will also be repeating tasks that will improve your performance.


Libra (Sept24/Oct23) 

It’s not your job to help your neighbours, friends and colleagues with their problems. Politely decline to help the next person in need. It’s too much work for others, but not enough for you. Take care of your health. Start with yourself if you have to care for someone this month.

You are beginning to see the truth about yourself. As much as you try to please everyone, you can’t please them all. Celebrate your achievements and talents. Spend time with friends who value your friendship and use the 11th to indulge your sensual side. Are you single? Take a massage. Get a massage or a new fragrance. It’s amazing what you can do for others. When you have enough energy, it’s easier to help others. Are you in a relationship that is committed? You can go on a romantic getaway with your partner later in March. Before you lend a friend money, think about what they might be thinking.

Are they still owing you money? Are they going to pay you back? Save your money and make sure you have enough to pay for the holiday you want later in the year. Choose something that will delight your senses if you have to spend a lot. You will find that a seminar at work, you were not sure about attending, is more enjoyable than you thought. You can channel your energy into your job but there are limits to how much you can do. Preventative measures should be taken if you are concerned about an allergy or illness that you may have. This is a time when your health and diet are in the spotlight. You could also miss out on having fun if this is a time where you do all the work.

Scorpio (Oct24/Nov22)

Life will move quickly if you are enthusiastic, energetic and able to use your initiative. You will probably get the green light for long-term plans and creative ideas. You are sure to have a great month, both romantically and socially. You have great ideas about making life more fun.

You will be a hit with your family and friends. Your enthusiasm and willingness to change is infectious, so you can discuss ideas with your partner. It will help you achieve romantic happiness by sharing the same goals. You will be inspired to plan a holiday after receiving some good news from overseas in March. Share your joy with the people you love. You don’t have to wait for a special occasion in order to celebrate your love.

This is a wonderful time to dine with your amour. Respect, recognition and financial reward will be earned for achievements around the 11th. There are many exciting ways to brighten up your home or spark a romance. It’s never been a better time to start a home-improvement project. It’s a great way to have fun with your partner and give your home a facelift. After the project is completed, you can throw a party to showcase your work. You are now favoured for any work that is creative, regardless of whether it is related to your job, family or social life. Your ideas will be inspirational to your friends.

When you are surrounded by such creative people it should be thrilling to start making plans. Although work and social plans might change in March, this will not be a problem. It is best to let go of the situation and cultivate joy and happiness.

Horoscopes: 2022 star signs

Horoscopes: 2022 star signs (Image: EXPRESS)

Sagittarius (Nov23/Dec21)

You would like more freedom to pursue your interests. Your partner or friends may not share all of your plans but that won’t stop you. They don’t know you well enough if they find it annoying.

It is not fun to do everything together. No matter how close your relationships are, you need to be independent. Sometimes it may take some time for a partner to accept your adventurous ideas. While a new partner may not be able to understand your passion for exploring new places, a long-term partner will encourage you to do so. It might be a good idea to reduce your suggestions if you feel someone is overwhelmed by your enthusiasm for changing. Are you single? You could find a new hobby or a new partner by taking up a new sport. It’s a great day for entering a contest of skills. Your talents will be admired by many people.

Your friends might be wondering what is going on with you. You seem more extravagant and impulsive in your spending. Either you have received, or will soon receive a bonus, pay rise or large financial payment. You are in the mood for generosity and will treat yourself and others. You have exciting plans but don’t want to spend too much time discussing them with others. It is obvious that waiting for feedback from others could be a waste of time. You can rely on only yourself. You will do what you want and not talk to anyone.

Your upward mobility will be enhanced by your willingness to explore new avenues. Your talents can be displayed in public forums. It’s possible to receive multiple commissions for freelance work. You will have the feeling that you are being paid to have fun.

Capricorn (Dec22/Jan20) 

You’ll be entertained by exciting emails, texts messages and phone calls. As March begins, you will be pleasantly surprised by a variety of exciting events that will brighten up your day. This month’s events will make you rethink your life and help you see the importance of setting new goals.

You may need to take a different route or change your direction. No matter what choice you make you will know that the changes you are making now were the right ones. Your friends want to be with you and are eager to have more fun. To keep up with your positive outlook and great sense of humour would be a waste. You and your friends should plan something new. If you have one, include your partner, as a group trip to the theatre, amusement park or sporting event can strengthen your romantic and social connections.

You will find it almost impossible to read your partner’s thoughts in March but you will be amazed at how quickly you pick up on their feelings. An extensive legal or financial matter that involves many people can last for a long time. It doesn’t matter if it’s a long-term deal or a partnership, it will impact your life. Through your business and social connections, luck will be yours.

It’s hard to keep up with all the plans. Many people are sending emails and texts and others will require a fast response. If you want to grab an opportunity to start a business, it will be necessary to quickly make your decision. Your life will be more fun and exciting if you have friends or work colleagues who are spontaneous and impulsive.

Horoscopes: Astrology zodiac signs

Horoscopes: Astrology can give a glimpse into the future, many believe (Image: EXPRESS)

Aquarius (Jan21/Feb19)

You need stimulation and change. You are looking for something new to focus on. Your March stars will encourage you to put your imaginative ideas into practice. You may find it necessary to combine business and pleasure at times during the month.

You will be happy with anything that gives you hope and anticipation. You need more excitement and this is what you’re about to receive. Accept an invitation to take part in a group event or community project. You will learn more about your local community by participating in these events. Even if this activity is not for you, someone can point you in the right direction to other activities that might be of interest. It’s great to have friends and enjoy the company of like-minded people. You would never, ever, betray your partner if you’re in a relationship. It is possible to have fun hurting no one. Don’t worry if money is tight these days.

There is always hope. To your great relief, money will flow more easily now. Around the 17th, you will receive written confirmation that you have been offered a job or an educational position. You can make your financial future brighter by making well-planned moves around the 28th. Your ideas, opinions and suggestions will be appreciated by your friends and colleagues. This will help you be more expressive of your communications. It’s easier to have harmonious relationships with your colleagues, friends and other community members. You might be cautious when someone new to your workplace attempts to take over your time. They may feel insecure but everyone who wants to be part of your life should respect your independence.

Pisces (Feb20/Mar20) 

These are exciting times and they will have long-lasting consequences. Your life is about to change. You have the power to make choices, and you can empower yourself. Keep moving forward with plans that you believe in. You may have to abandon your best friend or partner if they refuse to accept the fact that you have your own needs and have to take responsibility for them. You would be happier if your loved ones were more supportive.

However, it is important that you are able to forge your own path now. Are you single? You may be able to move out of your family home and have more freedom to do what is best for you, with whom you want, and when you want. You’re noticing the importance of being organised about money matters. Recent economising has given you some extra cash in your pocket. It might be a good idea to have a conversation about finances with someone you care about around the 20th.

Positive endings are predicted when you’re happy with the deals and decisions that are happening in your life. It is only a matter of time before you can start something new which will make this an exciting year. You are loved for your kindness and sensitivity. Your friendship is a welcome one. You will feel more at home at work than you ever imagined. Even if your goals aren’t ambitious, it’s hard not to feel a sense of pride and excitement when you learn that you’re in line for a promotion.

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