This bachelor is advertising himself on billboards to find a wife

The 29-year-old bachelor from London has been using billboards in the UK city of Birmingham to advertise himself to potential suitors.
Malik says he loves food, good banter and learning more about his Muslim faith.

The signs read: “Save me from an arranged marriage” and also carry the name of his website, so would-be wives can get in touch and find out what he’s looking for.

In a video on the website, which is called Find Malik a Wife, the Londoner says he’s an entrepreneur, a foodie, religious and looking for someone who’s working on her Din — the Islamic way of life that defines a Muslim individual’s social and personal code — and whose “banter has to be 100.”
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As to why he’s chosen such an unorthodox method to find a partner, Malik says on the site: “I just haven’t found the right girl yet. It’s tough out there. I had to get a billboard to get seen!”

Malik also says he’s interested in “personality and faith” over anything else and confirms on Find Malik a Wife that the billboards are not a joke — he’s serious.

The eligible bachelor also makes clear that he’s not against arranged marriages. He tells visitors to the website that he thinks “arranged marriages have a place and tradition in many Islamic cultures,” but says “I just want to try and find someone on my own first.”