Money horoscope 2022: Career and money horoscopes for the new year – what to expect

GEMINI, 2022

A talented teacher or mentor will know how to bring out the best in you and will help you gain a respected name for yourself in a competitive industry. A job offer received at the end of March could alter the direction of your life. These days’ employers want people who are versatile and working with a variety of people will give you a chance to prove yourself in different fields. Spending money isn’t as important as experiencing new things and having meaningful relationships. Your concern for humanity will prompt you to volunteer to help a fundraising effort later in the year.

CANCER, 2022

Working from home will increase your productivity as the year begins. You don’t mind escaping lengthy commutes to the office. Your priority will be on getting the job done as efficiently and quickly as possible. Are you unemployed? A job involving travel, education or property is worth pursuing. Take on a higher position in the summer and you will quickly gain prominence in this field. A course will improve your professional prospects as you apply your newfound knowledge to your work. With Jupiter at the top of your chart between May and July, your charisma will at an all-time high but guard against over-confidence in the autumn while Jupiter is retrograde.

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