Scuf Gaming's new controllers could be a great alternative to the PlayStation 5 DualSense for PC

Scuf Gaming has released its highly anticipated range of PS5 controllers. The Corsair owned company received praise for its PS4, Xbox One, and Xbox X/S series of controllers and we’re big fans of the company’s Instinct Pro controller. Gamers have been eager to see what the company would offer once it jumped into the PS5 fray, and now that wait is over.

The three Scuf Reflex controllers offer a lot of features, but they also come with very steep prices, to put it mildly. We wouldn’t normally cover a dedicated console peripheral, but the new Reflex controllers are Windows compatible too, so we’re all good. There are three different models. The Reflex, Reflex Pro, and the first-person shooter optimised model, the Reflex FPS.