‘Wow’: Kate Middleton dazzles in ‘polished’ £358 fuchsia coat during surprise royal outing

Kate Middleton glistened as she headed this morning to Nower Hill High School in Harrow, Greater London. The Duchess of Cambridge joined a Year 8 science lesson, where she brushed up on her knowledge of neuroscience and the importance of early childhood development. This visit was strictly linked to Kate’s work on the early years and how important they are in the development.

The Duchess brightened up the dull day in a cheerful pink coat and sleek black trousers.

Fans were delighted as Kate brought a splash of colour to a dull day in a cheerful berry coloured coat and black trousers.

Kate, 39, wore a berry coloured coat, tailored trousers and suede black stiletto heels for the outing to Nower Hill High School in Harrow.

Kate wore a Hobbs London fuchsia coat in a ‘Tilda Wool’ style for her surprise outing in Harrow.

The coat is currently on sale at Bloomingdale’s and retails for £358.14.

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The coat originally sold for £477.26, however is currently part of their Black Friday sale.

She could also be seen wearing a berry pink roll neck jumper from Hobbs London, which seemed perfect for the November weather.

This jumper currently retails at Bloomingdale’s for £95.45 in the Black Friday sale, which is down from £127.27.

The Duchess started her work focused on early childhood a decade ago, collaborating with relevant charities and working behind the scenes to deepen her knowledge.

In May 2018, she launched a steering group to investigate the link between childhood experiences and adult behaviour.


Kate has also produced one of the most fundamentally important reports on those issues alongside Harvard University and the London School of Economics.

Royal fans were pleasantly surprised to see the Duchess out at work today.

Twitter user @SabirahLohn wrote: “Wow! I was not expecting to see this today!”

Another account, @RoyalAstrologst added: “She would make a great teacher – how lucky her children are.”

Billie Cartwright was very impressed, who said: “Back to school! Kate Middleton looks so polished.”

Later on today, Kate is expected to join a meeting at Buckingham Palace with education bosses.

There she will discuss Oxford University research into secondary education and early neurodevelopment.

When the news was announced Kate would be visiting the school in Harrow, fans were very excited.

Twitter user @sonaaja22 wrote: “Can’t wait to see her.”

A royal fan, @LadyParky79, added: “Duchess of Cambridge is out and about people!”

The Duchess asked children if they “found this lesson really interesting” as she sat at a desk with a small group of students.

At the end of her visit, Kate told the pupils that the importance of early childhood development is a “real passion” of hers.

“Really well done. I completely found it interesting,” she said as she stood at the front of the classroom.

“It’s a real passion of mine learning about baby’s brain, about how our adult brains develop and how our early childhood influences the adults we become.

“So keep thinking about it, keep chatting about it with your friends and well done. Super impressed.”

source: express.co.uk