Rules and regulations for gambling in Sweden

Sweden is a Scandinavian nation and home to world-class casinos that offer you a mind-blowing casino experience. The location-based casinos are located in four cities Stockholm, Goteborg, Malmo and Sundsvall. They offer you money casino games like blackjack, poker, roulette slots and many more.

In addition to that, there are many of the best internet casino. They are meant to give you a real casino experience. Online casino gambling is fully legal in Sweden and there are many online casinos where you can play and they are accessible anywhere and anytime. These casinos have got an online gaming license from the Swedish government.

In this blog, we will take our discussion further on rules and regulations that are applicable in Sweden while playing in online casinos.

Rules and regulations

Sweden’s gaming laws are currently in the hands of the state-owned government. They have a monopoly on all the gambling laws in the country. As things are changing with time, the European Commission has put pressure on Sweden to open the country’s competition for foreign operators. 

The threats from the European Commission has made the Swedish government think about it and make changes in the current system. 

In Sweden, all the gambling-related activities are managed by Svenska Spel. It is the authority that sees all the issues and makes rules and regulations related to gambling whether it is offline or online.

It sees all offline location-based casinos as well as online casinos. The only legal and licensed online casinos are operated by Svenska Spel only, but the players are not at all confined to one site only. They can have access to many other foreign casino sites.

Like there are many strict guidelines for casino operators to operate in any developed country. In the same way, Sweden has strict laws for casino operators to operate their casino business in Sweden. However, the country is open to online gambling and you can access many Swedish online casinos and foreign casinos as well.

Svenska Spel has got a monopoly over online gambling in Sweden, it has made some troublesome conditions that made it difficult to compete with foreign providers. 

For instance: online poker in Svenska Spel is only limited to Swedish people, which makes the pool player small. Many people then are left with no other option but to visit the unlicensed casinos to get larger pools, better sports betting odds and greater casino game selection.

These unlicensed online casinos don’t have licenses from the Swedish government but they do hold licenses from other regulatory bodies overseas. They have licenses from other countries where online gambling is legal and follow the rules and regulations of the other countries.

The 1994 Lotteries Act

The Lotteries Act regulates how the lotteries, guessing games and bingo works. The Gaming board of Sweden gives full authority to these games and issues licenses to them and ensures that they are working properly.

In addition to this, it is illegal to make and promote unlawful and foreign lotteries. The goal of this act is to make gambling and lottery free from any sort of criminal activity and all the practices that are being used should be in the welfare of the public.

The 1999 Casinos Act

The casino act was made in 1999 to regulate the casino game properly and avoid any kind of criminal activity in it. It issues licenses to the casino operators and ensures that all the rules and regulations are to be followed wisely. 

With time forwarding, and with more and more technological advancements online casino gambling is becoming popular among people because of its easy accessibility and availability. There are several aspects of casino gambling that are beneficial for the players and they should be promoted more and more for their enhancements

2002 Amendment

An amendment was made in the lotteries act in 2002 to make the legislation up to date with online gambling. In this, Svenska Spel was made the authority to host online games and betting platforms.


The gambling industry is very profitable in Sweden without saying that gambling laws are strict here. People love to have fun and joy by playing online casino games. They use several foreign sites as well to play online casino games. 

The Swedish government is saying that it will change in the current system. Let’s hope for the best and see what changes and how it benefits the people.