Xbox Series X stock warning: Microsoft console might be even harder to buy this Christmas

If you’re hoping to get an Xbox Series X before Christmas then you better act fast whenever the next restock becomes available. Major online retailer is warning that the Xbox Series X is one of the hot products that could be in short supply this Christmas. In the run-up to Black Friday 2021 AO World has warned a global shortage of computer chips along with supply chain issues could lead to products such as the Xbox Series X being scarce.

Other gadgets that could be difficult to come by this Xmas include the PS5 as well as Apple iPhones.

AO issued this warned as they said the festive trading period could be “significantly softer” than anticipated.

As reported by the BBC, the online electrics retailer said: “At the start of our financial year in April, we planned for continued revenue growth and built up our cost base accordingly.

“However, since then, growth in the UK has been impacted by the nationwide shortage of delivery drivers and the ongoing disruption in the global supply chain, and the German online market has seen significantly increased competition.

“As we now look to the second half, we continue to see meaningful supply chain challenges with poor availability in certain categories, particularly in our newer products where we have less scale, experience and leverage

AO also said that shipping costs, rising inflation and the cost of materials means “challenging uncertainties” remain.

For those that have been trying to get an Xbox Series X since it launched last year, the news may not seem like much of a change from the norm.

Both the PS5 and Xbox Series X have been incredibly hard to come by since first hitting shelves last November, with the global semiconductor shortage leading to these next-gen consoles being in short supply ever since.

But for anyone hoping to purchase an Xbox Series X soon – either as a treat for themselves or as a present to put under the Christmas tree – it’s best to try to jump on any upcoming restocks with military-grade planning as soon as you get a whiff of an inbound stock drop.

Thankfully, despite the Xbox Series X being in short supply there have been some recent restocks – such as EE getting a new batch of stock for its customers and GAME selling the Halo Infinite limited edition Xbox Series X once again after an initial batch of pre-orders debuted over the summer.