Intel Meteor Lake test CPUs have been pictured

We’ve hardly gotten over the launch of 12th Generation Alder Lake CPUs and already Intel has revealed that its 14th Generation Meteor Lake CPUs are entering the later stages of development. Cnet reporter Stephen Shankland visited Intel’s Fab 42 in Chandler, Arizona and was allowed to take pictures of some of the very exciting tech that Intel is working on. The pictured CPUs are built to test Intel’s Foveros multi-chip module packaging functionality and interconnect and it reveals a lot about Intel’s plans for its future CPUs. 

So far, it seems as though 13th Gen Raptor Lake is an evolution of the recently released 12th Gen Alder Lake, but 14th Gen Meteor Lake is shaping up to be a game changer. Intel’s multi-chip module design uses Intel’s Foveros packaging technology. It combines purpose-built tiles with different functionality and even process nodes onto a single package. It’s not unlike AMD’s MCM approach, but Intel takes it a step further and divides the CPUs’ functionality into even smaller pieces.