‘Don’t take it personally’ Gillian Anderson abruptly ends radio chat, stunning Chris Evans

But now that Catherine has led a coup against her husband and has taken over Russia, Joanna’s unhappy with the way the news is disrupting her latest attempts to marry one of her daughters off to the King of France. 

“And so, she comes to have a look for herself and tries to convince Catherine that she’s making the wrong decision and that she’s just childish and all of her thoughts about women’s rights and etcetera are just nonsense,” the actress said.

Gillian also wowed her social media followers earlier this week when she shared an official photograph of her in character as Eleanor Roosevelt for the upcoming series, The First Lady.

But it seems some fans were concerned over whether Gillian and her co-star Viola Davis, who is set to portray Michelle Obama in the Showtime drama, would have an opportunity to work together on set. 

Given Eleanor Roosevelt died in 1962, many noted they would not be in the same scenes, leaving them feeling “heartbroken”.

After realising the timelines, one person said: “So Viola Davis and Gillian have no scenes together??? This is heartbreaking.” 

Another was keen to ask if perhaps the two actors collaborated away from filming, asking: “@gilliana did you get to work directly with @violadavis??? This is important,” followed by two crying emojis.

Others were thrilled in general to see Gillian portray the historical figure, with many telling her to “clear her award shelf” for the Emmys next year. 

source: express.co.uk