Red Bull boss Christian Horner issued 'official warning' after frustrated Qatar GP comment

Damon Hill, the Sky Sports pundit and 1996 world champion, then interjected: “You’re quite punchy at times.”

“I’ll tell you straight,” came the reply from Horner.

“If I think you’re being an a**, I’ll tell you you’re being an a**. I’ve spoken to the FIA, I’ve apologised if any offence in any way was created, as that wasn’t my intention. 

“My frustration wasn’t with an individual marshal, it was with a situation.

“One car had driven through, there was no yellow, one car gets a single yellow, one car gets a double yellow, it was the inconsistency across that and we can learn from that as a sport, we can learn from that.

“But for all the marshals out there, we need yoU, we think you do a wonderful job. And apologies if any offence was interpreted.”