James Bond Daniel Craig: '007 criticisms bothered me but there was nothing I could do'

Earlier this year the final James Bond film starring Daniel Craig was released: No Time To Die. The British star’s fifth and final movie saw him close out his 007 story once and for all. In the 15 years of his career as Bond, Craig has become one of the best-loved actors to play the character, but it wasn’t always that way. When he was originally cast he was criticised for his appearance.

In October 2005 it was announced Craig would take over as Bond, following Pierce Brosnan who stepped down after Die Another Day.

Although the 38-year-old at the time looked the part, many die-hard fans of 007 were not happy the actor had naturally blonde hair.

Craig has now said of the criticism: “Of course I was bothered by it. But there was nothing I could really do.

“It’s like [the saying goes]: ‘Control the things that you can control.’ All I could do was make a good movie, or attempt to make a good movie and say: ‘There you go.'” (Via Yahoo)

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Craig went on: “And if they didn’t like it, then I don’t know, that’s all I had to give.”

It seems the star’s efforts were well received. His first Bond film, Casino Royale, was a massive success. The 2006 picture earned more than $610 million at the box office on just a $150 million budget.

Casino Royale also won a number of awards, including a BAFTA for Best Sound.

Despite the fans’ reservations for Craig as a newcomer, he revealed he did sympathise with them.

Broccoli added: “It was distressing but we were only really concerned about him because he was being attacked, so virulently, when he was killing himself making the movie.”

Despite this, the movie boss “knew” he was going to be a good Bond.

This meant she, and her colleagues, never “second-guessed” their decision “at all”.

This magnifying glass will surely be set on the next James Bond star, whoever he shall be.

At the moment, the Bond odds are in the favour of three distinct – yet different – actors.

Tom Hardy joins Bridgerton actor Regé-Jean Page and Game of Thrones star Richard Madden in 4/1 odds on claiming the role next.

James Bond No Time To Die is in cinemas now.


source: express.co.uk