Australia Covid news live update: Victoria records 1,571 cases, 13 deaths; NSW 444 cases, four deaths; federal cabinet to debate net zero target

I think the Victorian Liberal Party have a lot to answer for…

What I did within 24 hours, along with Daniel Andrews of the Channel Nine revelations on 60 Minutes, was expel Adam. We then went and intervened into the Victorian branch… We suspended operations of the membership committee. We wrote to every member who had been signed up over many years and asked them to verify their membership, and if it didn’t stack up they were removed from the roles.

We took strong, decisive action… compare what Labor has done with the Liberal Party or with our view that we need a strong national Anti-Corruption Commission, with Scott Morrison who continues to attack ICAC because they have the former premier of New South Wales giving evidence next Monday.

I welcome inquiries, I welcome transparency. Inside our party or inside the political processes in general. The Liberal Party cover-up, attacked these independent bodies, and won’t have a national Anti-Corruption Commission. What they want is a body whereby the only thing they look at other things that are referred to them by the government itself.