Rattled Trudeau loses it on TV as he snaps at reporter for not asking 'right questions'

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has sparked an online backlash after he accused a journalist interviewing him of not asking “the right questions”. Mr Trudeau appeared to lose it when Global News’ Neetu Garcha wrapped up their election interview after 13 minutes. He snapped at Ms Garcha, questioning why he was not asked about the pandemic or climate change.

Mr Trudeau said: “Wait, this is an election on big things that we didn’t get to talk about.

“We didn’t talk about the pandemic, we didn’t talk about climate change.

“These are the decisions people are taking. This is what people care about in British Columbia.”

Ms Garcha savaged the prime minister in response, pointing out that his team had “denied requests” for interviews in the past.

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She said: “Mr Trudeau, what people care about is, among many things, reconciliation, and that’s why that was among the top questions.

“We have run that debate, we have run major news conferences that you have held throughout the campaign.

“Our colleagues across the country have asked for opportunities to interview you and ask a range of topics, and you’ve denied the request.”

Mr Trudeau said: “Wow. I’m excited to continue talking to British Columbians about climate change and about ending this pandemic for good and about the important choice BCers and all Canadians need to make on how we move forward.”

The interview on Global News largely focused on the country’s housing shortage, with Mr Garcha labelling it one of Mr Trudeau’s “broken promises” after several years in power.

They also discussed indigenous rights, as Ms Garcha pressed Mr Trudeau on why has yet to visit a First Nations community during his election campaign.

The Canadian election takes place on September 20, as the latest polls show Mr Trudeau’s Liberals neck in neck with the Conservatives.

The Liberals held a minority government prior to the snap election call.

During the election campaign, Mr Trudeau has been hounded by anti-vaxxer protests, going as far as throwing gravel at him and causing one of his appearances to shut down due to security concerns. 

source: express.co.uk