Thousands of drivers unfairly fined by faulty £5m cash cow speed camera- 'seriously wrong’

Campaigners say thousands of motorists may have been ordered to pay, despite doing nothing wrong. A 30mph speed limit camera in Maybray King Way, Southampton, caught a staggering 51,049 people driving over the limit between 2015 and 2017.

He was flashed as he drove his motorhome well under the limit at 25mph in August and was able to clear his name using dashcam footage.

After receiving a letter which said he could be prosecuted for travelling at twice his actual speed – in excess of 50mph – Nathan, 37, appealed the ticket.

He said: “If I was in a hire car or a work car and from outside the area and I didn’t have proof of going 25mph I’d have had to pay it.

“I wonder how many other people have been in a similar situation with that camera, as it’s the most profitable in the country.

“But for this camera to be recording a driver as travelling at 50mph, something is seriously wrong.

“Every driver, regardless of what speed he has been shown doing by this camera, should have their fine refunded and any points removed.

“If people, as a result of this camera, have to do a speed awareness course, that should be refunded as well as together with compensation for the time that the person has had to spend completing it.”

A Hampshire Constabulary spokesperson said they have processes in place to ensure that any incorrect prosecutions are prevented.

Gatso are the most common speed cameras in the UK, after first being introduced in 1991 on the M40.

All Gatso cameras are rear-facing so the flash doesn’t dazzle drivers, but acts to light up the car and registration plate.

It also lights up the white lines painted on the road in front of the cameras to work out the speed by distance covered.