Lack Of Co-op Campaign At Launch Feels Out Of Place For Halo Infinite

Petebloodyonion1h ago

And this sentence basically sums up why MS AAA games are never rated, reviewed, or GOTY contenders on the same level as Sony and Nintendo 1st party AAA games.

” The biggest criticism of 343 has been their inability to create a memorable campaign alongside incredible multiplayer. While they have made a great single-player game with Halo 4 and a fantastic multiplayer game with Halo 5, they have yet to deliver on both fronts in a single release.”

While Sony only has to focus on SP-only games and can get away with not including the Multiplayer segment (even if it was in the previous game). MS must always deliver on all accounts to basically get a potential high score and it’s even worse for Nintendo who can get away with not even making a story to a single-player-only game.

Now we know why this game will again score a 6 or a 7 this time because Halo isn’t about multiplayer it’s not about a single player experience NO Halo is all about COOP