Lucifer season 6: Will Lucifer wipe Chloe Decker's memory in tear-jerking finale?

Lucifer season six will be airing on Netflix on September 10 and it will mark the show’s final outing. Fans are keen to know how the story will wrap up for the title character (played by Tom Ellis) and his love interest, Chloe Decker (Lauren German). They have put forward a heartbreaking theory that sees Lucifer wipe Chloe’s memory.

Will Lucifer wipe Chloe Decker’s memory?

Lucifer season six will wrap up the storylines for the supernatural drama’s fan-favourite characters as the show comes to an end.

The next outing will see Lucifer assume his position as God, but it will not come without its challenges.

The trailer for the final season shows the Devil face some new threats, including an ‘evil’ Chloe Decker.

She is seen attacking him in an intense fight scene and fans are curious to know what happened to her.

They have suggested she is using Amenadiel’s (DB Woodside) necklace to gain super strength.

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“Lucifer will take his place as God and do something to bring Dan back. He will in some way make it so that Chloe, Dan, Linda, Trixie and others don’t remember him or the time they spent with him.

“He will make it so Chloe, Dan and Trixie have a happy family life together as if he was never there.

“Similarly, Amenadiel will have to watch Charlie grow old and die but be happy all the same. He’ll have a great life and Amenadiel will watch his children and his children’s children for generations.”

Other viewers said they would be mortified to see this happen and hope the pair end up together.

One said: “That is a pretty interesting theory and I pray that it doesn’t happen. It’s not the worst idea for an Ending but that would [be] heartbreaking.”

They have gained some insight into how the series will end as bosses opened up to Variety.

Ildy Modrovich said not everybody’s stories could be wrapped up entirely by the final season.

She said: “Joe and I always say we want to give the audience a satisfying ending, but not necessarily everything they want.

“If you give everybody everything they want, it’s too much. You’ll get cavities. You want a little bit of bittersweet in there.

“You want a little bit of longing, I think. So we tried to craft that environment, as well. [If] you give somebody a super happy ending, Cinderella and the Prince in the back of the carriage kissing, but that’s not real.

“It doesn’t feel real, and so it won’t be satisfying.”

With this in mind, it is possible for Lucifer to lose out on a life with Chloe in the final season.

Lucifer season 6 airs on Netflix on September 10.