Riverdale season 5: Toni and Josie ‘reform’ the Pussycats as showrunner teases return

While Law admitted she was unsure if this will be the last time we see Valerie, the actress made it clear the original Pussycats would only be back for one episode of the fifth season.

However, the intriguing promise of a duet between Toni and Tabitha could be setting the pair up as new members of the band if Josie decides to stay in town.

Finally, there’s the case of Cabot Entertainment VP and Josie’s frequent rival Alexandra Cabot (Camilla Hyde) making a guest appearance.

With the second half of season five leaning heavily on its Josie and the Pussycats revival, fans could expect to see the band enter a new era in season six.

Riverdale season 5 returns on Wednesday, August 11 on the CW, with new episodes arriving the following Thursday on Netflix.

source: express.co.uk