'Brilliant work' Piers Morgan praises YouTubers who tricked 'anti vaxxer' Piers Corbyn

Piers Corbyn has since claimed that the video had been “very heavily edited”.

In a statement issued to MailOnline, Mr Corbyn said: “The video has been very heavily edited with dishonest commentary and leaves out my repeated statements that anything we accept has to be unconditional.

“It is false that I agreed any change in policy whatsoever and I stated to these imposters that all Covid vaccines are dangerous and we weren’t changing any of our views against vaccines and vaccine passporting.”

He went on to say: “The video starts off with a false claim, the emails they sent said nothing at all about the interests of these gentleman.

“This was only revealed at the meeting, he claimed he made his money from a restaurant chain and later said he had an investment in a vaccine company which made him feel guilty and he wanted to give a gift because of his feelings of guilt. I agreed nothing about limiting or changing what we have been and will continue to say about the various Covid vaccines.”

source: express.co.uk