Nintendo Direct in September: Final Smash DLC fighter, Bayonetta 3, Metroid, Resident Evil

Nintendo could be gearing up to host another Direct broadcast in September. The last major Nintendo Direct took place in June during E3 2021, with the headline announcement being the reveal of a brand new Zelda Breath of the Wild 2 trailer. That trailer for BoTW 2 was the first since the game’s reveal at E3 2019, and it also gave a release date window for the highly anticipated new Zelda adventure.

And hot on the heels of that blockbuster showing the House of Mario are tipped to be holding another Nintendo Direct broadcast in September.

This news comes courtesy of leaker Samus Hunter, who in a thread on Twitter said a Nintendo Direct should air around the time that WarioWare on the Switch launches.

WarioWare Get It Together is due to launch on September 10, so we could see a Direct be broadcast around that time.

And Samus Hunter has given Switch fans an idea of what announcements Nintendo could have up its sleeve, saying the broadcast will focus on already announced titles.

The leaker said the September Nintendo Direct will likely focus on Metroid Dread, but there could be announcements also about Advance Wars and Mario Party.

The September Direct looks like it will also be the place where the final Smash Bros DLC character gets revealed. While in terms of third-party announcements the rumoured new Resident Evil game for the Switch could get revealed.

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This Resident Evil game is believed to be called Resident Evil Outbreak, but don’t let the name trick you – it’s rumoured to be basically the third Resident Evil Revelations game.

It reportedly will star Rebecca Chambers as the main character and will be a Nintendo Switch exclusive, launching in Q4 2021.

In terms of other announcements, a new Kirby game could also get revealed as could the next game from Monolith Productions.

While the September Direct may even deliver an update on Bayonetta 3, which last surfaced at The Game Awards 2017.

Posting on Twitter Samus Hunter said: “There is a #NintendoDirect scheduled for September, around the time WarioWare launches.”

The leaker went on to say: “Surely the focus game will be Metroid Dread, while Advance Wars and Mario Party will have sections dedicated to some new features.

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“There are also several major updates planned, the aforementioned Animal Crossing, the reveal of the latest character in Smash and the dlc with the new story of Hyrule Warriors. Third parties will also play an important role, Capcom has to reveal a Resident Evil for the Switch.

“If plans for Splatoon 3 don’t change, marketing for the title should begin around that time.

“I doubt in news about the Zelda BotW sequel, other than a small notice that we’ll see it in a few months.

“As new announcements a Kirby project is very likely.

“To close a title developed by Nintendo, Monolith are at a very good point with their project, since a few months have finalized the cutscenes and in recent weeks have worked on much of the music, so the project is entering the final stages.

“Bayonetta 3, which I’ve already mentioned, should also be in a similar situation.

“There are other titles well underway as well, but those are planned at a generic 2022 or later.”

The leaker clarified that the predicted announcements are “my guess from some of the data in my possession” and that “it is too early at the moment to pass them as confirmed for that presentation.”

Samus Hunter also claimed if the rumours about Nintendo and Microsoft colloborating together are true, then the September Direct could be the place to announce it.

It has been rumoured that Game Pass Ultimate could be heading to the Switch in the future, but that remains to be seen.

As always with rumours, it’s best to take it with a pinch of salt until official confirmation.

But even if half of the announcements predicted to take place in the next Direct come true, it will end up being a pretty special broadcast.

Before the September Direct airs Nintendo are also tipped to be hosting another Indie World presentation.