The Splitgate crossplay beta is so popular the developers had to take it offline

The free-to-play “Portal meets Halo” FPS Splitgate has been around on PC for a couple of years now, during which time it’s struggled to maintain a player base. According to Steam Charts, a reasonably strong launch in May 2019 quickly tailed off to an average monthly concurrent player count of just over 100. Things started to pick up a bit in late 2020, but over the past week the player count has exploded, to the point that it can be very difficult to matchmake into a game.

The reason is the upcoming console launch, set for July 27, and more specifically the open beta that’s going on right now. The beta launched on July 13 with full crossplay between PC, Xbox, and PlayStation, and was a runaway success—to the point that developer 1047 Games first extended the beta, and then yesterday took it offline completely because the servers were being crushed by demand.

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