The console wars are coming back, whether we wanted it or not

isarai16h ago(Edited 16h ago)

Exactly, WTF is this author goin on about? Also suggesting that the PS4 generation was the only time they really focused on exclusives? Like bud, the PS1 ps2 and PS3 were the same story. Sony has just been doing what literally every great console manufacturer has been doing, from Nintendo, to Sega and yes Playstation, exclusives are what has and always will make the console, MS has just been the outlier for like a decade now.

The “console wars” never went away, neither did the importance or existence of exclusives. MS just wasnt up to par, and still isnt till we see what these acquisitions start delivering. This article is stupid and trying its best to not make MSs lack of trying for the past 10yrs or so look bad, but i was bad, it was a problem, if it wasn’t they wouldn’t have spent billions making acquisitions to try and fix it.