Daisuke Ishiwatari aims to make Guilty Gear Strive one of the most accessible fighting games

From Eurogamer: “Guilty Gear Strive is nearly upon us. Developer Arc System Works has held a number of beta tests, each with its own set of issues pounced upon by the anime fighting game series’ fans. But the bigger picture is this: with Strive, chief creator Daisuke Ishiwatari aims to do the seemingly impossible – make Guilty Gear accessible.

Guilty Gear’s reputation precedes itself. Perhaps it would be better to say Guilty Gear’s reputation hangs around its neck like a cowbell. Bong! Here comes another Guilty Gear. Head for the hills! This one’s even harder than the last! Long combos, brutal timing, multiple complex mechanics and tricky characters – Guilty Gear has it all and then some. Play online as a newcomer against the series’ modest but seriously properly into it fanbase and, well, you can imagine how hard things can get.”

source: gamezpot.com