Blood Bowl 3 Preview: Patrick Ma-gnomes – TheGamer

From TheGamer: “I like to think of myself as a bit of an aficionado of sports titles, but the Blood Bowl series had previously passed me by. I had window watched it, of course, but just as I have never been able to get into golf the way I have with practically every other sport, I had never actually played Blood Bowl. As a result, my hands-on preview of Blood Bowl 3 was a baptism of fire.

The game had always seemed like Fire Emblem meets Madden by way of bloodthirsty orcs and with dice rolls sprinkled in, which is largely accurate, but there’s a lot more depth under the surface. Both Fire Emblem and Madden are relatively simple to get to grips with, with the ability to become more complex as you absorb their myriad systems. Blood Bowl 3 hits you with these complications right from the start.”